An Electric Tandem Bike for Those Long Rides in the Park

Since originally being designed, tandem bicycles haven't changed that much. When Jiang Qian, a designer based in Shanghai decided it was time to fix that and the electric tandem bicycle was born.

So the first thing you will notice about the new design is the lack of pedals. That's right, all electric. Even the youngsters and people who aren't in the best condition can enjoy the outdoors with this bike. Another nice feature is the lightweight components. Most of the framework is aluminum and the use of several small electric motors keeps the weight distribution even.

The handlebars and seat both connect to the same wheel while another wheel is placed under the seatpost to support the weight. As with traditional tandem bikes, the person sitting in front is in charge of direction. The pictures don't give up much information, but I am assuming the speed is also controlled by the front seat.

The good news is that you can use the carpool lane or the bike lane on your way to work.

From : Tuvie

Jun 25, 2008
by Gloria Campos
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So Brady!

My hubby would love this