Anatomically Correct Hello Kitty... Not What You're Thinking

Cat gut your tongue? Hello Kitty is once again getting into the spirit of Halloween horror by getting all ghoulish and creepy, this time with the assistance of edgy designer Dr Romanelli. The "Anatomy" series features the iconic mouthless cute cat character showing off her internal organs - which as it happens, are extremely cute. A pretty bow on the spleen? You didn't ask for it but you'll get and like it!

The Hello Kitty figurines are produced by MediCom Toy Incorporated, known to figurine fanciers for their Bearbrick line. In 2008 MediCom and Dr Romanelli hooked up to produce a transparent Bearbrick (or Be@rbrick, for purists) model with exposed teeth, brain, organs and circulatory system. Nice.

Getting back to the "Anatomy" Hello Kitty designs, you can choose from regular style or an interesting antiqued version with a finish resembling aged ivory. This style is meant to look like a netsuke; a polished and sculpted toggle worn by Japanese citizens and samurai on their kimono sashes from the 17th century on - robes have no pockets, y'see. One wonders what those old timers would think of these Hello Kitty figurines... maybe they'd speak with their swords.

Anyway, look for both ghoulish "Anatomy" design Hello Kitty figurines on Japanese store shelves during the Christmas shopping free for all - which seems to start weeks before Halloween lately. Ho ho horrible! (via TokyoMango, High Snobiety and FreshnessMag)

Oct 26, 2009
by Anonymous