Ancient Chinese Puzzle Brings New Characters To Your Walls

Tangram puzzles are still made and still played all over the world. But designer Daniele Lago has put together some elegant geometric shapes that you can play with on your walls, making real characters out of the components, and some extra storage room for books, cd's, office files, and curios.

Although Daniele Lago designed and patented the Tangram design in 2002, this is the first I have seen it, and it has more more potential character than any modular shelf system I've come across yet. In addition to the few shapes shown here, (the family design store) provides customers with 249 character diagrams to make from the 7 shapes.

Lago calls this one "Gatto 1" because there are at least eight more cat diagrams you can create from the modular storage designs. There are also dogs, birds, and other animal designs. Great for a child's room or the family den!



Service with a smile, the next two characters make super wall art for the dining or breakfast room.




A serpent?



Here's a tie for the office!



If you have other wall hangings or lamps near the wall that you want to emphasize, put less emphasis on the character of the shelving. Here's a more traditional arrangement for the wall units, though not totally square square.



The Tangram comes in five bold colors and three different designs that you can make into characters for any room. Of course, you can arrange them any way you like; that's just one of the great features of the Tangram. But check these out, just to see how Lago has put them together!


Lago via Origami Blog, where they think the Tamgram looks like origami, and it certainly does!