Andrew Kim Hits Another Home Run With "Google Vitamin" Concept

How many industrial designers have a world-wide fan club when they are design school Freshmen?  Andrew Kim has had one ever since he took on Coca-Cola in his Eco Coke Bottle design, the square-carton, green answer to the Coke bottle and can.  Now, Kim is taking on the Google in his design and packaging of Google Vitamin and his simple concept for the Google Vitamin website.

Kim's design work is about as thoughtful, thought-provoking, and as thorough as it gets.  He's now 18 years old; imagine what his future holds.

Here is his concept for Google Vitamin, disclaimed, of course, as being a student project that "does not reflect the views or plans of Google."

"Why not?" you might ask.


Introducing Google Vitamin (concept): ©Andrew KimIntroducing Google Vitamin (concept): ©Andrew Kim


Google Vitamin eco-packaging - clear with large print.  No plastic required.


Google Vitamin concept: ©Andrew KimGoogle Vitamin concept: ©Andrew Kim


Kim's sketches reveal the evolution of his thought process on the packaging of Google Vitamins.


Google Vitamin concept, inspiration and ideation: ©Andrew KimGoogle Vitamin concept, inspiration and ideation: ©Andrew Kim


Google Vitamin concept, inspiration and ideation in color: ©Andrew KimGoogle Vitamin concept, inspiration and ideation in color: ©Andrew Kim


Google Vitamin package concept: ©Andrew KimGoogle Vitamin package concept: ©Andrew Kim


The Google Vitamin order page is also as simple as can be.


Google Vitamin order page concept: ©Andrew KimGoogle Vitamin order page concept: ©Andrew Kim


It even includes the Google Vitamin advisor, a short questionnaire for those that are not sure of what vitamins they may need.


Google Vitamin sign on page: ©Andrew KimGoogle Vitamin sign on page: ©Andrew Kim


Of course, Google Vitamin would go mobile; perhaps even on Andrew Kim's HTC 1 Smart Phone.  Oh, didn't I mention Kim has also taken on Apple's iPhone


Google Vitamin & Kim's HTC 1 Smart Phone: ©Andrew KimGoogle Vitamin & Kim's HTC 1 Smart Phone: ©Andrew Kim


Definitely visit Andrew Kim's website, Design Fabulous, to follow his project work at the  College For Creative Studies in Detroit.  


Design Fabulous via Core77