Android App Allows Jealous Girls to Remotely Follow Their Boyfriends

Jealous in Japan? There's an app for that: “Karelog” (Boyfriend Log) throws all sense of privacy and decency out the window so gals can keep a remote eye on their boyfriends. Doesn't sound like something a BFF would do to their BF, but hey – they don't call it the Green-Eyed Monster for nothing!

Now you're already asking, “How sexist, you're telling me Japanese guys don't get jealous and would use Karelog to track their GFs?” I'm saying nothing of the kind – it takes no knowledge of Japanese to know the pink & lacy graphics at the Karelog website are designed to attract a female demographic.

If that's not enough, check out the image of a big-eyed black kitty (with pink hairbow ala Hello Kitty) gazing longfully at her Android-phone-clutching, pants-wearing tomcat. With that said, there's no reason why anyone of any gender can use Karelog to spy on anyone of any gender. Let the paranoia-fest begin!

Here's how Karelog works. Grab your BF's Android cell phone when he's not around, make sure his software is Android 2.2 or later, download the Karelog app and install it. You'll need to provide an ID and password but don't tell him. Then the fun really gets going... or actually when your boyfriend gets going on his typical day of cheating, back-stabbing and fooling around. Heh, the poor slob's probably just going home to his loving wife & kids, but I digress.     

Once your Elvis has left the building, sashay over to your computer and log into the Karelog website with your ID and password. The site's GPS tracker kicks in and pinpoints the dirty rat's precise location to within a meter. Or a meter-maid, perhaps.

You can even check his cell phone's battery status online, but don't call to tell him his phone's in need of a recharge; that might arouse suspicion and suspicion is YOUR game, yes?

Anyway, you get all this for just 525 yen ($6.80) monthly or 840 yen ($10.90) for 3 months or 1,980 yen ($25.70) for a full year's membership. The free 3-day trial period should be enough to convince even the most green-eyed of monstresses to sign up. Sure beats checking his collar for lipstick, amiright?

Now we cue the late Billy Mays... BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! For the completely besotted and obsessed (and you know who you are), Karelog offers a premium “Platinum” membership that confers the ability to remotely read your boyfriend's call log and peruse the apps he's downloaded. Platinum status costs 1,980 yen ($25.70) per month, 4,980 yen ($64.65) quarterly or 8,980 yen ($116.60) annually.

If the rascally dude's been downloading any erotic or dating apps (or even worse, erotic dating apps), you'll know. Of course, if he downloaded Karelog to spy on YOU, you'll know that too... too late. (via Asiajin)

Sep 9, 2011
by Anonymous

It won't sell much

With Japan's latest generation of men being mostly soshokukei danshi and Ojo-man I don't think this app will sell very well.

Feb 22, 2012
by Anonymous

I'm not sure about this

I'm not sure about this apps...if you don't trust your boyfriend, look for another one. :)