Android Espresso Cup Jump-Starts Your Personal Operating System

Google's Android is a Linux-based operating system run by mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers. Espresso is a concentrated, caffeinated beverage prized for its effect on sluggish organic digestive and cognitive systems. The limited edition Robopresso delivers the latter in a cup inspired by the former. 

While its looks are certainly novel, the Android-inspired Robopresso cup is no novelty item. Crafted in China from fine bone china, this ceramic piece is built to last – if you use it without abusing it, that is.

The Robopresso cup is actually a three-piece affair that functions fully as the sum of its parts. It starts off with a cup that's formed in the shape of the familiar green Google Android's chunky robot body. Instead of a typical curved handle, the cup features a cylindrical horizontal arm that's matched by a non-functional, decorative vertical arm on the cup's opposite side.

The cup is formed with a pair of sealed holes in its base that allows it to perch securely on a complementary pair of raised legs rising from the saucer.

To cap it all, so to speak, is a mug cover sporting the Android robot's twin stubby antennae and eye spots. Most people won't use the cover when drinking espresso but it looks wicked when the combo's assembled and displayed on a shelf.

As mentioned, the Robopresso cup is a limited edition item with production restricted to 1,000 by the manufacturer, ChaBuDuoDeLe Fun Products & Gifts. It's priced at $40 each with a range of shipping options: $15 within China, $20 international ordinary post, or $40 international EMS post. 

Apr 9, 2012
by Anonymous

New model for fans

Its very beautiful and its a very new model.

Apr 13, 2012
by Anonymous

I like the Android Espresso

I like the Android Espresso Cup.