Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Sneakers By Nike

Nike's done it again, and this time their sneaker design is modern and eye catching, and also holds a special place in history. These special sneakers will appeal to a different audience than some of the other designs we've seen recently, that focus on recapturing a little piece of history.

90's Revival Sneakers: Nike Air Max Pop Art90's Revival Sneakers: Nike Air Max Pop Art

The Nike Air Max 90s sneakers are reminiscent of more than a decade ago, but they have a feel that is indefinitely modern since they feature images from Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe portraits which have a feel that is always timeless and cutting-edge. The sneakers, with their pop-art images are however perfect for the 80's and 90's revival fashions making a big comeback with their vibrant colors that are sure to attract attention!

Andy Warhol SneakersAndy Warhol Sneakers

These seem to be a custom design, so unfortunately, fans of these kicks will be out of luck!

Via: TrendHunter

Nov 25, 2009
by Anonymous

nike sneakers

omg i am so getting me some of these!!