You Talkin' To Me? Famous People Sculptures

Andy Wright is an artist that creates sculptures in every style from hyper-realism to surreal and classical sculptures. One thing's for sure; these artworks of famous people look so real that it's like I'm in the same room as their crazy characters!


Here is a sculpture of Leonidas, who is the King of Sparta in the film 300. This role was played by Gerard Butler, who is one of my favorite actors, by the way. The most interesting thing about this work to me is that the hair for this sculpture was put on one follicle at a time.


Here we have a portrait sculpture of Viggo Mortensen, also known as Aragorn, from Lord of the Rings. This water based clay sculpture was then cast into silicone before adding the eyes and implanting the hair.


A very angry Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) graces us with his presence here. This sculpture is made from silicone, acrylic, hair, plastics and metal. His eyes and teeth were made from acrylics and his muscular arms were molded separately and then attached later on. This scary sculpture is not something I'd enjoy waking up to.


Robert De Niro is shown here looking like a common criminal in the movie Taxi Driver. This sculpture was made using publicity photos and screen shots from the movie. His hair was implanted all over, and then shaved to give him the "Vietnam Vet" look.


Jack Nicholson comes alive as R.P.McMurphy in "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest". This maddening sculpture is from a scene in the movie where he squirts his fellow inmates with water. I can only imagine the kinds of looks I'd get if I hung this sculpture over my fireplace. While it'd be a great conversation piece, it would quickly get rid of my guests faster than a cockroach in a salad.

"Cage Guy""Cage Guy"

Cage Guy isn't from a movie or anything, but I thought I'd include him because I like the sculpture. Why? Because it has an old person in a cage. He has a hopeful look on his face, like he's waiting for his Cup o' Soup to be served to him. This sculpture makes me want to pat him on the head and call him a little Whippersnapper.

While I love all of these, I'd have to say that DeNiro's sculpture is my favorite. Probably because I just want to use his smirky face as a punching bag. I love the detail in everyone of these and am amazed at the patience it had to have taken to put every little touch on them to make them as awesome looking as they are.

Copyrighted images used with permission. A big thanks to Andy Wright for letting me use his images. Please visit Wright's website to see more of these amazing realistic creations.