Angel & Devil Earphones are Wicked Good

Black Sabbath! Nana Mouskouri! Black Sabbath! Nana Mouskouri!Black Sabbath! Nana Mouskouri! Black Sabbath! Nana Mouskouri!
The folks at Japan's Green House must have watched an old cartoon or two when they got the idea for these wicked/good Angel & Devil earphones. Unlike WB's angel and devil, however, these earphones won't drive you schizo with mixed messages.


These are semi-serious music-listening accessories regardless of the novelty factor - a gold-plated connector is included and the frequency response is a respectable 20Hz - 20,000Hz.

Green House also offers the option of three different sized earbuds to suit listeners of all ages, and provides both a matching storage case and custom stand to show off your new best 'buds.


Angel & Devil Earphones come in 5 color combinations (black, purple, magenta, pink & red) though the "angel" is always in white. Get yours for $34.56 at GeekStuff4U.

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