Angelcare Bath Support Allows For Easy Baby Bathing


Bathing little babies is slippery business. Between the baby smooth skin, water and soap, it’s a wonder parents can hold onto them at all. Over the years all kinds of infant tubs and tub inserts have hit the shelves, each promising to make baby bathing easier and/or safer. Unfortunately, many of them are awkward, uncomfortable or don’t allow for easy cleaning. AngelCare is aiming to change all of that with its new Bath Support.

Unlike conventional baby bathtubs and supports which are typically made of solid plastic, the Angelcare Bath Support has holes covering the main body to allow water to get through. This keeps baby warm in the water and allows parents to more easily wash their babies without having to pick them up or roll them to one side and then the other. The support has an ergonomic design and is made of material that is reportedly soft to the touch, for extra baby comfort. There is a rubber grip on the bottom to keep the support in place and a carrying handle makes toting easy. It’s also mold-resistant and has a hook built in so that it can easily be hung to dry and store.

The support is made for babies up to 30 pounds and is recommended for newborns to 6 month olds. To see what parents are saying about the Angelcare Bath Support click here.  

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