Angry Bird Addicts? Meet Swampy from Where’s My Water!

Ready for the next addictive game for your smartphone? Forget Angry Birds and bring on Disney's Where's My Water? The premise is simple which is the foundation for the most addictive games;SwampySwampy get the water to the alligator. This seemingly simple task is not easy but it is quite entertaining!

This app is available for play on iPhone, Android OS phones, iPad and Kindle Fire. The main character is Swampy the Alligator who is simply trying to take a refreshing shower while getting water from the sewer into his little makeshift home beneath the city with a little help from liquid physics and you.

Moving water from here to there doesn’t seem hard and the first few levels are relatively simple to complete but as the levels increase so does the difficulty and soon you will be plagued by explosive devices, moving sewer pipes, scalding hot water, toxins and many other obstacles. If you take too long Swampy starts to cry or gnaw on the water pipe.  As a bonus, you can also provide Swampy with rubber duckies to play with and of course every level is timed. Once Disney has you addicted, and you know you will be, you will be ready to upgrade from the free application to the Pro version with 140 puzzles to solve. The new levels contain a myriad of items such as soap, shampoo, loofa sponges, water balloons (stretched thin!) and many more items to entertain you and Swampy on his bathing quest!  If you get every rubber ducky from every level you will be able to locate more surprises like rain gear.

The faster you solve the problem of getting enough water to Swampy the more bonus rounds you get, however Swampy isn’t very patient, he’ll yawn, be seen juggling in his bathtub while he waits for the water to come out of the showerhead and sometimes drift off to sleep. This is a fun and entertaining game for everyone and doesn't have the annoying sounds of angry birds or green pigs flying through the air.

This product is available for the iPhone and Android platforms, you can purchase it from Disney, iTunes, Amazon or the Android Marketplace.

Watch out for the dirty alligators far below Swampy! Have fun swishing and sloshing.
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