Angry Birds Carnival Booth Game Features Real Slingshot, Plush Birds & Pigs

So you love Angry Birds but you don't have a smartphone... OK, forget about the improbability of that statement and just get your apps to China! And hang up your iPhone 'cause where we're going (Guangzhou), we don't need roads or Rovio.

Yes indeed, high tech may be where it's at but low tech comes cheap, and cheap means retro, county fair, carnival booth style entertainment where CGI is just a fancy buzzword. We're talkin' real: real slingshots, a half-dozen real plush piggies, and a real nestfull of real plush Angry Birds with which to blast said pigs into bacon heaven.

You'll find this non-virtual Angry Birds funhouse in deepest, darkest Guangzhou at what looks to be some sort of street fair. Lord only knows what's being deep-fried and served on a stick there, so it's recommended you eat now and don't ask questions later. Or ever.

Experienced gamers should be advised this DIY low-tech and lowbrow setup lacks some familiar features of the Angry Birds iPhone app. No, the little blue Angry Bird plush doesn't do an instant triple, which is unfortunate. No, the black Angry Bird plush doesn't contain a self destruct mechanism, which IS fortunate – especially if you're holding it.

BTW, you Apple fanboy couch potato types will need to draw upon your prodigious reserves of strength and... what am I saying? If the only developed muscles in your body are in your thumbs, then you'll be rating Angry Birds Live a double thumb's down.

Win or lose, you'll want to walk out at least looking like a winner to your easily-impressed girlfriend so be sure to mosey on over to the Angry Birds plush toys display and plunk down your hard-earned yuan.

The plushies look like the real thing and... well heck-fire, where do you think actual, licensed Angry Birds plushies are made? And, where do think a renegade, below the radar, fly-by-night Angry Birds carnival game can even exist? China, my friend, China... it's a heck of a place. (via M.I.C Gadget, TNW, and John Highway)