Angry Birds Easter, Coming Right Up!

Rovio is doing all it can to keep the interest and the love alive for Angry Birds. Aside from the original Angry Birds video game, they've launched quite a lot of sequels and companion games to keep up with the recent tide of events and seasons.

For one, there's Angry Birds Rio, with an obvious connection to the animated movie Rio which features (you guessed it) a whole lot of exotic and occasionally angry birds.

Then there's Angry Birds Seasons, which updates regularly with holiday-themed stages. There was the Halloween update, then there was Christmas and then the Valentine's update. Now get ready for 15 all-new levels with Angry Birds Easter. 

These levels are also available online on Facebook and Symbian but if you want your Angry Birds Easter to go then it might be a good idea to pick up Angry Birds: Seasons if you haven't already.

You can get Angry Birds: Seasons here: iTunes App Store,