Angry Birds Meat Snacks: A Tastier Way to Crunch Some Pork

Gamers playing Angry Birds can really work up an appetite and snack attacks are as common as pig attacks. What to do? Angry Birds' developer Rovio and Chinese pork producer JoyCome have teamed up to create some seriously symbiotic bite-size taste treats: Angry Birds Meat Snacks!

No one could have predicted the simple yet addictive strategy puzzle video game created by a Finnish computer game developer Rovio Entertainment would be such a huge hit in China of all places, but numbers don't lie: a hefty portion of the over 1 billion downloads (across all platforms) have occurred in China – and that's just the official figure.

Rovio has ridden the wave of Angry Birds success quite skilfully, opting to accept the fact that imitation, copyright infringement and trademark abuse are all part of the process when you've got a product that's made it big in China... just ask Apple. Unlike the litigious iPhone and iPad maker, however, Rovio is going with the flow and has adopted an “if you can't beat 'em, join 'em” philosophy.

Such is the case with Angry Birds Meat Snacks, individually packaged bite-sized seasoned pork tidbits that play off the familiar Angry Birds logos and characters for all they're worth. The bags also feature an Olympic logo, possibly Angry Birds Meat Snacks are the official meat snacks of China's 2012 Olympic athletes.

Each bag of Angry Birds Meat Snacks contains individually packaged Fatty Ham with Jalapeno, Breakfast Sausages, Flavored Sausages, and Black Pepper Sausages in a ratio of 3:2:2:2.

In addition, the snacks have been formulated so that “the smell will be different from the rest of the ham packs available in the market to provide a distinct Angry Birds smell.” Mmm, Angry Birds smell... a powerful “chick magnet” if there ever was! (via China Hearsay, All About Angry Birds, and Shirtoid)

Sep 8, 2012
by Anonymous

They Don't Look Like "Droppings"

They should have at least made the meat snacks LOOK like bird "droppings" -- you know, a small white wad with a black tip. Some could also look like squished raspberries.

Sep 11, 2012
by Anonymous


It's amazing how much profit people will try to make off just one product...