Animal Character Round Mug & Spoon Sets Add Cuteness To Any Kitchen

You don't have to have kids, or even BE a kid, to appreciate these animal character round mug & spoon sets from Decole Japan. Measuring 3.75" by 4.25", each mug comes with a matching spoon that perches perkily on the rim of the mug. It's a unique look that also serves to keep mug and spoon together for storage and display purposes.

There are six different designs in this series: Cat, Pig, Frog, Panda, Bear and Rabbit. It's interesting how the artist, with just a few slight variations of line and shade, manages to give each design a distinctive look appropriate to their character.

Each of the 6 mug & spoon animal combos are made from resilient ceramic and sell for $21 plus shipping at the Japanese Gift Market website. North Americans will note that Magic Pony, on Queen Street in Toronto, also shows a couple of the characters (Cat and Panda) at their website, though they are stickered at c$30 (us$28.50) and are marked as "coming soon" at their website. One would hope!

Editor's Note: These Decole Mug & Spoon Sets are now available in the U.S. You can find them at Amazon here and at other retailers.

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