Animal Footprint Beach Sandals Make Walkers Paws

Do you ever wish your noisy kids would come in on little cat's feet? Well blow out the candles, your wish has come true thanks to Ashiato Sandals from Kiko-Kids! Based on Geta, the traditional Japanese footwear worn by geisha girls, these rugged pine wood sandals will soothe your soul with their whimsical animal footprint soles.

The sandals were designed with the beach in mind, as their protruding soles are most effective in wet sand. Go for a stroll on the shore in these stealthy sandals and you're sure to make a great impression... though not the one most would expect.

Ashiato Sandals come in 5 different styles/colors: Cat (pink), Gecko (blue), Owl (yellow), Monkey (orange) and Zaurus (green).

That last one looks like a T Rex dinosaur footprint, which is awesome in and of itself. I'm slightly surprised they don't offer a Bigfoot design, though maybe that's something only adults or pranksters could fully appreciate.

Kiko-Kids is offering Ashiato Sandals for sale online at their website starting at 2,625 to 2,835 Yen (around $34) and they come in 4 sizes ranging from XS through L. In the U.S., you can find Ashiato Animal Footprint Sandals at Amazon.  Hopefully prisoners considering an escape won't buy them – now wouldn't that freak out the bloodhounds? (via Spoon &Tamago and JeannieJeannie)

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Jun 30, 2011
by Anonymous


Where's the sasquatch ones?

Aug 3, 2011
by Anonymous secret is out....

My neighbor thinks a dog has been pooping in his yard...if he only knew...