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froghumidYou think you've seen everything. In my five years of being a mom, I have seen a lot of kid products. The amazing thing is I've only been a mom for five years and I've seen incredible changes and growth in this market. Every time I buy anything, a few months later something newer, better and shinier comes out. I saw these two products almost a year ago but now I have a place to finally let everyone know about them. I think all moms and kids all love animals. Check these products out.


TV Animal Shaped TVs by Hannspree:

Hannspree has made TVs in the shape of animals. A cow, crab, dog, elephant, giraffe, lion, monkey, pig, sheep and zebra to be exact. It has a 10 inch LCD screen. They are really amazing. I saw one on a TV show once in the shape of an apple. How cool is that. You can see all the animal shaped TVs at the Hannspree website. However, you'll find them cheaper at Amazon. Click Here for the Amazon link.


Animal Shaped Humidifiers by Crane:

If animal shaped TVs weren't amazing enough, a company has come out with humidifiers in the shape of a dog, cat, frog, panda, penguin, and elephant. Every parent knows that you're child will need a humidifier at some point or another. I've read some reviews about this product and people love them because it has a whisper-quiet operation and auto shutoff when tank is empty. The tank holds 1 gallon. There seems to be a lot of different Crane animal humidifers to choose from at  Amazon. Do you think its weird to give a humidifier as a baby shower gift? They are just so darn cute.

I bought a panda garbage basket at the Container Store last year that would have gone great with the animal theme. I tried to find a link for you but I couldn't find it on their website anymore. I guess they don't sell them anymore (or at least right now). Let me know what you think.

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Jun 3, 2006
by Lucy Ball (not verified)

Blue and White Penguin?

Aren't most penguins black and white? If anything is blue, it's their balls.