Announce Your Wedding In Style: Unique Wedding Invitations With Poster Bride

Bridezillas may put a lot of emphasis upon choosing the perfect wedding invitation to reflect the bride and groom's personality; but let's be honest; most of the wedding invitations available on the market are pretty generic. While designs may differ, typical wedding invitations are cards, with text and graphics, and they're sent in an envelope. Poster Bride is trying to help wedding planners break out of the confines of traditional wedding invitations by offering a bold alternative; the wedding announcement poster.

The founders of Poster Bride aren't what you'd expect for a business that specializes in wedding invitations. New to the wedding industry, the entrepreneurs are experienced poster designers who have worked with contemporary musical acts like Bloc Party, Minus the Bear and The Decemberists. What they have to offer are hand drawn, unique wedding invitations that are a-typical and unexpected.

Poster Bride is the perfect option for contemporary couples looking to break the mould of typical wedding planning. Think about it; instead of spending hours licking stamps for your hundreds of wedding invitations that probably resemble those you received for a friend's wedding last year, choose a style of wedding invitation that is memorable and find a unique way to present it. Throw a party and display your wedding invitation poster, and make sure all your invited wedding guests are in attendance. Or, attend a concert for your favorite band, invite your closest friends and family, and have Poster Bride create a rock-worthy invitation design for your guests to ogle.

As beautiful as they may be, sending out hundreds of wedding invitations that will only end up in the recycling bin after the wedding date is anything but environmentally friendly. If you go with a Poster Bride wedding invitation, your invited guests can immediately enter your wedding date in their Blackberries' or PDA's and RSVP electronically.

By using Poster Bride's unique and contemporary services for creating beautiful wedding invitations, you can deliver a memorable message about your wedding while using an eco-friendly method of asking your friends and family to save the date. Plus, with the right design, Poster Bride's wedding invitation posters can be incorporated to your post-wedding décor.

Via: Wedding Wire