Another 2,000-HP Hypercar With Possible World Record Ambitions

Last week, I took a look at the TranStar Racing Dagger GT, an American-built supercar that promises the world in an oyster: 2,500 horses, 314 mph list top speed, 1.5-second 0-to-60 mph time, and more world-record-shattering promises than we care to rehash.

Well, the Dagger GT has a potential British counterpart: the Keating ZKRs, a more powerful Keating that will be unveiled next spring.


Like TranStar, Keating has been spouting off big numbers with nothing official to show for its words over the past few years.  According to company legend, their 1,800-hp TKR once broke the world speed record held at the time by the SSC Ultimate Aero with a 260.1 mph speed. Of course, that wasn't a legit record and there were no Guiness officials there to put it in the books. 

In 2011, that 260.1-mile speed is irrelevant even if it is made official. Because the Bugatti Veyron recorded an official speed of 267.8 mph over the summer. So while 260 was faster than the SSC's 256 mph, it's substantially short of Bugatti's current record. 

So perhaps, that's why Keating has chosen to release an even more over-the-top supercar. Called the ZKRs, the new car's V8 engine undergoes both twin-turbocharging and supercharging to spit out up to 2,200 horses. Keating also refined the chassis and components of the car to make it more well balanced. 

Keating hasn't released any performance specifications (or speculations) on the ZKRs that we've seen, but plans to unveil its latest supercar at the Top Marques Monaco 2011 in April. Hopefully, they'll have at least a listed top speed to give us an idea of whether this car joining the increasingly crowded world record field. Until then, we'll have to be happy staring at that huge output figure. 

GT Spirit via: Motor Authority