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Another Cheetah Robot Rears it Neck


Cheetahs are scary animals. They are the fastest animals on land, with an average chase of between 20 and 60 seconds. So what could be scarier then a cheetah? How about one that never gets tired?

A science team based in Switzerland has designed a robot cheetah cub. The cut, which can move in a manner similar to a real cheetah, isn’t quite as fast as its biological counterpart yet.  It is also missing one important biological component. The robot does not have a head. He also has a tail that is too long for its body, compared to its biological counterpart.  

For now don’t expect too much in the way of robots races in the near future, but it could be used for future for search and rescue applications, since it is cub sized right now. More information about this bot can be found in the International Journal of Robotics Research, which recently published an article about the project.

Source: RT

Image: Morgue File