Another Dual-Clutch Transmission From Audi

Audi has always been the leader when it comes to Twin-Clutch Technology. So after their 6-speed Tiptronic and R-Tronic, nobody knew what was left. The Audi Engineers weren't done though, and the S-Tronic was born.

The new S-Tronic keeps to the morals Audi has always been dedicated to : Enhanced driving experience, better fuel economy and improved performance. The latest installment of Audi's Dual-Clutch is capable of routing 550Nm (405 ft/lbs) of torque to all 4 wheels without breaking. It can also handle engine speeds of up to 9,000 RPM's.

In a normal automatic transmission, one clutch is used to change between gears. The control unit calculates your speed, RPM's and throttle placement and decided the proper shift point. A single clutch is engaged for the next gear and then you off.

The S-Tronic uses 2 clutch mechanisms to decrease shift times and increase economy and performance. As one gear is engaged from the first clutch, the next gear is already being aligned and essentially "waiting" for your right foot to give it the "OK."

Audi TT: S-Tronic Test BedAudi TT: S-Tronic Test Bed

The S-Tronic also has 2 different operating modes. In normal D-Mode (Driving Mode), gear changes are completely reliant on the computer. When in S-Mode (Sport Mode), the computer will shift the timing to allow for optimal shifts and if you order the optional paddle shifters, you can decide when the change will take place.

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Jul 6, 2008
by Anonymous

That picture is of the

That picture is of the Getrag transmission used in the Lancer Evolution...

Oct 1, 2008
by Anonymous

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it has the best speed