Another Electric Vehicle from Venturi

The designers at Venturi, an automotive company based out of France, are accustomed to designing electric vehicles. The Fetish, their first electric sports car, debuted at the 2004 Paris Motor Show. This year, they have another sport-based all electric vehicle to unleash on the world.

This one is called the Voltage and comes as a result of Venturi teaming up with Michelin, another France based company, known for their work on tires and other wheel products. Thanks to the collaboration, the Voltage received Michelin's new Active Wheel Technology. The system uses 2 small electric motors in each wheel, one that is responsible for powering the vehicle and one that is designed to act as an electric shock absorber.

The Venturi also designed a computer system that can change the way the vehicle acts. One configuration could allow for maximum power to reach the ground while the suspension is stiffer. Another setting can make the suspension softer to allow for a more comfortable ride and move into a more efficient more for saving power.

The Fetish concept donated its lightweight chassis which kept the overall weight of the Voltage right at 1,075kg (2,340lbs). That combined with an ample amount of power will launch the Voltage to 62mph in about 5 seconds.

Production versions are expected to hit the pavement in 2012.

Via : World Car Fans