Another Motorized Skateboard: The Fiik

Apparently death is a big market. Because this is the second motorized, off-road skateboard I've seen in the past few months.

This model looks a whole lot like the one I saw on Hammacher back in the fall. So much so, in fact, that I swore it was the same exact model. Only it's more than double the price. And it's got a rather Scandinavian-looking name --Fiik-- though it's actually made in Australia. The model also travels nearly twice as far per charge as Hammacher's model, getting you up to 18 miles from your start before those wheels grind to a halt. 

The board features an 800-Watt motor that you control with a remote control. Like the Hammacher model, it has three separate speeds, topping out over 22 mph. The "Big Daddy" pictured above has knobbed, off-road tires, but there are also models for street use. Finally, you get an anti-lock hand brake to stop on a dime. 

 The bro-tastic video below shows how you can use this to get to your favorite early-morning break. It also demonstrates just how untrickable a heavy board with an 800-Watt motor is; outside of some skidded, dirt turns and a two-foot air or two, none of these guys really do any type of skate tricks on this beast. But I guess that's not really the point. 

So, if you don't mind foregoing any chance of doing an impressive ollie or 360, and don't mind dropping $1,600 on a motorized foot-board, then the Fiik is all about you, and you're all about the Fiik.

Fiik via Dvice