Another Must Have Hitch Addition

Everyone at one time or another has forgotten thier house or car keys and locked the door behind them. Then, you either have to break in, or wait for someone who has a spare (assuming you don't). With the new HitchSafe , you don't have to wait for or worry about a spare key.

The design is simple but still effective. It can be fitted into almost any 2 inch receiver and installs in less then 10 minutes. For obvious reasons, it can only be removed from the inside by disengaging pins and then pulling the larger lugs. Once installed, you can securely store extra keys, credit cards or your Christmas bonus inside.

The unit opens through a 4 wheel locking mechanism that you set the combination for. After you have the combo set and you valuables inside, you slide the whole box into place and allow it to lock. A small cap comes from the factory to help conceal the device from prying eyes.

The price for one of these is right around $80 . The only real downside I can see is if someone steals the whole vehicle, you might have to change the locks on your house, put a hold on your credit cards and ask for a new bonus. From : Acquire

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