Another Step Forward in Lithium Ion Technology for Cars

Back in May, Mitsubishi Motors publicly announced that they would be working along side Mitsubishi Corporation and a popular battery producer, GS Yuasa, to develop a better Lithium-Ion battery cell solely for automotive applications.

According to a recent press release, they have some very high hopes for the future of automotive based Lithium-Ion technology. The joint endeavor, which was finalized at the beginning of this month, was named Lithium Energy Japan.

Lithium Energy JapanLithium Energy Japan

"Our mission is to use the lithium-ion battery in creating a 'New Society' where environmentally-friendly automobiles are widespread, such as Ev's (Electric Vehicles) and plug-in hybrids, railways, and next-generation transportation which relies on energy regeneration systems and new energy systems, like solar and wind-power." according to GS Yuasa. They have been developing Li-Ion technology for manufacturing use and plan to use the knowledge to develop a battery that meets all the demands unique to the automotive division.

How Stuff Works Saves the Day...AgainHow Stuff Works Saves the Day...Again

According to a recent release, Lithium Energy Japan plans on producing at least 200,000 units by the year 2009. They claim the batteries being designed will last longer and produce more power than others comparative in size. Also, all of their batteries are designed with a "quick-charge" capability built in, which will make repeated use easier and more readily available.

Currently, most of the invested capital is being used for research and development. They offer 2 products at this time and are planning more within the decade.

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George Delozier
Automotive Innovations