The Answer to Easy Bag Piping

The digital revolution is not only affecting how we watch movies, listen to music and publicize our many talents, it's also changing the way we learn to play instruments, or at least that's what the makers of the Beginners Piping Chanter Kit, including a practice chanter and reed, music book, easy guide playing chart and instructional CD, and the Bagpipe Tutor DVD would have us believe.  Sold with CD, not cassette as pictured

Chanter Kit:
Sold with CD, not cassette as pictured

If bag piping is a hobby you've been looking into, you may as well skip the flesh and blood bagpipe teacher and pop in the educational CD or DVD.  Yes, it's the modern method of learning how to play an ancient instrument that has claimed the leading role in the traditional music of Ireland, England and Scotland.Bagpipe Tutor DVDBagpipe Tutor DVD

According to the market copy for the Beginners Piping Chanter Kit found on the Sales and Marketing Direct Ltd web site, the popularity of the Highland bagpipe is growing by leaps and bounds in countries across the globe.  "There are undoubtedly more pipers and pipe bands around the world than at any other time in our past," proclaims the product description.  Despite seeming a cheap ploy to excite impulse buyers, the claim is probably true as the bagpipe has cropped up in a number of countries with large Scottish and Irish populations, namely Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The aim of these two products is to "encourage more people to follow this trend."  And Sales and Marketing Direct assures that "Contrary to popular belief learning to play the bagpipes is just as easy to learn as any other instrument."  While learning to play any instrument may never be easy, at least purchasing your Beginners Kit (approx. $40) and volumes one and two of the Bagpipe Tutor DVDs (approx. $30) will cost you less than a month's worth of lessons.

-Justine Bayod Espoz