Anthologie Quartett Catena: A Unique Bike Chain Clock

For serious hammerheads and lovers of all functional art comes the Anthologie Quartett Catena Wall Clock. The clock replaces the traditional face and hands of your average clock with a dangling bike chain grasping copper digits 1 through 12. Father time gradually pedals the chain through each hour of the day.


I assume that you roughly estimate the time based upon how far the chain has progressed between digits--not that accurate, but certainly interesting to stare at. If you look closely, there are six chain links separating each digit--so each link presumably counts as 10 minutes. Of course, getting accuracy down to one or even five minutes appears impossible. The design of the clock is also positioned to represent the endless, ongoing cycle that is time.

As one might expect from such a conceptual clock, price is certainly an object. At $2,338 (plus the cost of a regular watch or clock that one can actually tell what time it is on), most of the bicycle enthusiasts that could appreciate this piece would be better off buying a few carbon fiber components--or a brand new bike. Wealthy folks with a quirky taste in home decor could use this piece to liven up the living room, however. Luckily for the rest of us, Internet gawking is free.

Unica via Coolest Gadgets 


Nov 14, 2009
by Anonymous

This really wouldn't be hard

This really wouldn't be hard to make. 2 g's is ridiculous.