Anti Aging Decollette Pads Keep Cleavage Wrinkles At Bay



I’m at an age when wrinkles are a definite possibility. I’ve been pretty lucky so far, but I have no doubt that they’re right around the corner just waiting to pounce. These days, I inspect my face quite frequently, looking for ever so slight beginnings of creases, but I have to admit that the possibility of cleavage wrinkles has never even crossed my mind. I guess I’ve somewhat subconsciously noticed them on other women, but have never really given them much thought until I saw the Decollette Pad.


Designed to keep the chest area supple and smooth and also help reverse existing wrinkles, the Decollette Pad Is one more anti-aging weapon we women can add to our beauty arsenal. The pad is made completely of medical grade silicone and has no adhesive or anything else that commonly causes allergic reactions. It's said to have an adhesive quality on its own that remains even after being washed.

The pads reportedly work for preventing and correcting cleavage wrinkles due to side sleeping, sun exposure and just aging in general. Though I’m a lifelong stomach sleeper and avoid the sun like the plague, I can’t do much about the third cleavage wrinkler. I may have to investigate these further - and soon! To see what users have to say about the Decollette Pad or to pick one up click here.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Intimia offers a breast support pillow to help with chest wrinkles. It gets nice reviews on Amazon.

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