Put Your Mittens On To Cook With The Anti-Griddle

The story behind the Anti-Griddle starts with the famous Chef Grant Achatz of his own, now 5-star restaurant, Alinea, in Chicago. Achatz had a concept for a contraption that would create a frozen crust on the outside of his culinary delicacies. He shared his idea with Phillip Preston, president of PolyScience, a design and manufacturing company in Chicago that specializes in unique industrial culinary machinery. And, before long, Mr. Preston had built his version of Achatz's concept, in his garage with spare parts from his factory. Minus a few details, that's how the Anti-Griddle was born.

The Anti-Griddle makes foods as frozen on the outside, as a griddle makes them crisp and hot on the outside. For culinary artists like Achatz, texture and temperature are as important to the taste experience as sweet and savory. The contrast, especially of an icy crisp external crust and a smooth, warm center is as gratifying to the palate as, well, as creme caramel!

The all-stainless Anti-Griddle maintains a fixed temperature of minus 30°F (that is very cold!) so you get instantaneous results. You can freeze a sauce or a puree thoroughly and even make it into a solid form, or you can freeze just the outer surfaces, and leave the insides creamy and dreamy, like creme caramel.

Experimenting with the effects of the Anti-Griddle would be so much fun, but I'd say you really need some serious space in your kitchen and a few bucks to invest in this gadget! And don't forget your mittens!

For more information, visit the PolyScience Ebay Store.

sources: PolyScience, Chow, via PopSci.com

Oct 25, 2008
by Anonymous

Just the other day I was

Just the other day I was wanting something like this. You could make ice cream in a snap!