10 Anti-Valentine Gifts That Say 'I Hate You!' Louder Than Words

If you've been shot by Cupid's arrow and you can't get pull the darn thing out of your heart, you're in pain.  Cupid must have been in a particularly facetious mood the day he brought that babe or dude into your life. Lucky you; there are so many ways to let those stinkers know just how you feel on this Anti-Valentine's Day. Here are some of my recent favorites.


Anti-Valentine I Hate You Gift Number 1:  Heart BURNED Mini Microbes

Giant Microbes has put together a special heart-shaped gift box for Anti-Valentine's Day.  It's the Heart BURNED mini collection of microbes and each one is an exact replica of the microbe responsible for Herpes, Pox, HPV, Chlamydia, and the Clap... just five of the sexually transmitted diseases you might wish on that bast--d.


 Heart BURNED Mini MicrobesHeart BURNED Mini Microbes


Heart BURNED Mini MicrobesHeart BURNED Mini Microbes



Anti-Valentine I Hate You Gift Number 2: Bloody Weapons Garland


I'm not an advocate of violence, but I don't mind metaphors, and this 7.5 foot length of Bloody Weapons Garland is explicit enough.

  Bloody Weapon garlandBloody Weapon garland      

Anti-Valentine I Hate You Gift Number 3: Bloody Shower Curtain and Bath Mat

While we're on the subject of blood weapons, here's another pretty explicit gift - a matching bloody shower curtain and bath mat.  How very thoughtful of you too; such a practical Anti-Valentine from Amazon here and here.


Bloody Shower Curtain & Bath MatBloody Shower Curtain & Bath Mat



Anti-Valentine I Hate You Gift Number 4: Eat Your Heart Out Display

For a truly original communication of your feelings, this is a mixed media assemblage ready-to-hang (sic) display - a work of art by Suzanna Scott.  A buzzard near by, the tin dish holds a human heart and the toy fork is ready to dig in.  Eat Your Heart Out! (A new version is currently available.)


Eat Your Heart Out!: © Suzanna ScottEat Your Heart Out!: © Suzanna Scott


Eat Your Heart Out!: © Suzanna ScottEat Your Heart Out!: © Suzanna Scott


Anti-Valentine I Hate You Gift Number 5: Gloomy Valentine (DVD)


This really poignant short animation, produced by Warwick Burton and directed by animator Isabel Peppard, is under 6 minutes, but if it's your pain you want him to see, this Gloomy Valentine creates a piercing impression. On DVD at Amazon.com.


Gloomy Valentine DVD: © The Dead Heart StudioGloomy Valentine DVD: © The Dead Heart Studio



Anti-Valentine I Hate You Gift Number 6: Dismemberable Zombie

Now here's a gift for yourself, and it might help you to get over the bum. Whenever you think of your heartbreaker, you can just yank an arm, a leg, a head, whatever... off the Dismemberable and Plush Zombie. I won't give you all the secrets of this pull-apart doll, which you can put back together, but here's one:  You can pull the torso off to reveal its intestines! At Amazon.com


Dismember-Me Plush ZombieDismember-Me Plush Zombie


Anti Valentine I Hate You Gift Number 7: Black Heart Brooch

If you're in mourning for your lost love, or you want to remind the beast of what he or she did to you, this handmade, felt Anti-Valentine's Day Black Heart Brooch is the height of heartbroken subtlety, especially when compared to the other hate gifts I've covered.  (Nothing gets my dander up like heart break.)


Anti-Valentine's Day Black Heart Brooch: © alopexiaAnti-Valentine's Day Black Heart Brooch: © alopexia



Anti Valentine I Hate You Gift Number 8: Anti-Love Magnet

This and other 'anti-love' magnets can be found at Etsy.  There are 14 different ones made by crafter and word lover Moira Richardson.  This was my favorite. (Update: Moire's items are no longer available but others are available here.)


Anti-Love Magnet: © Moira RichardsonAnti-Love Magnet: © Moira Richardson



Anti-Valentine I Hate You Gift Number 9: Duct Tape Roses

Nothing says love like duct tape; don't you agree?  Maybe you would rather use this tape for other purposes, but your anti-valentine would not be able to appreciate the sweetness of your gesture.... Duct Tape Roses because nothing says I hate you better.


Duct Tape RosesDuct Tape Roses


Anti-Valentine I Hate You Gift Number 10: My Beating Heart

Here it is; hand over your very beating heart.  If it's guilt you want to extract, this Plush Beating Heart from ThinkGeek is your anti-valentine choice. Let that scum bag take your beating heart and keep it.  It was a toy to that lowlife anyway.  (Yes, it really beats.)


My Beating HeartMy Beating Heart



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