Anti-Aging Supplement from Squid Skin Helps Health, Reduces Waste

A recent announcement by the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI), a research organization under Taiwan's Council of Agriculture (COA), details the production of functional peptides from squid skin that provide a host of health benefits when processed into an easy-to-take food supplement.

In a series of tests conducted by the FRI, these functional squid skin peptides were proven to be effective in slowing down the aging process and lowering blood pressure.

The peptides were also seen to activate neurons (nerve cells), resulting in improved learning ability and reduced memory loss in elderly subjects. Composites made from dried squid skin were shown to contain 70 percent protein and 13 percent sugar, giving them nutritional value as well.

Formerly discarded as a waste product or added to animal feed, squid skin is both cheap and available. Statistics released by the FRI state that 15,000 tons of skin is produced as a by-product from processing 150,000 metric tons of squid.

If these promising claims pan out, it will be one more case of a supposed waste product having benefits far beyond previously thought. Oh waiter, one more order of calamari, please... and this time, leave the skin on. (via Want China Times and Focus Taiwan)

Jun 26, 2012
by Anonymous

Is anti Aging really possible?

I've wondered what some of the key elements are to really decreasing your aging, and have to come back to the way you diet and what you eat. So much is applied to the outside when when you put on the inside counts. tends to focus more on that side of things.