Stray Cat Blues? Housewife's Invention Frustrates Freeloading Felines


Cats love to do what cats love to do, and a backyard herb or flower garden is simply irresistible what with the loose soil and all. One Tokyo housewife finally had enough of the local stray cats using her manicured plot as a litter box and decided to do something about it.

Black Cat Scat is a simple DIY kit that shoos away kitties without harming them. All you need is an empty 500ml (16 oz) plastic bottle and the kit, which is now being sold at the lady's online shop for just 210 yen (about $2.30) each.

The active ingredient is the glittery reflective eyes that actual cats seem to find disturbing. Actual people too, if my reaction is typical. Here's a short Japanese news video explaining all you need to know about this cool cat repellent that also doubles as a neat way to re-use plastic bottles:

In a nutshell, you attach the cat face to the bottle's cap and twist it onto the bottle, then snap on the wire "front legs" support and set up your Cat Scarecrow in your garden to keep it feline-free. Erm, you might also want to NOT grow catnip but it's just a suggestion. (via Japan Probe)