New Antimicrobial 'Room Shocker' Eliminates Mold, Smoke, Even Skunk Odors

If you've ever forgotten to open the flue on your chimney before you launched your cozy evening by the fire; if you've ever had a flood in your basement, insecticide sprayed on your baseboards, or your dog has ever been skunked... you know the effects of noxious toxins and odors in your home. It's not just the stink; the effects of these events are harmful to your health.

A new proprietary product called NosGUARD™ Room Shocker not only removes odors, but actually attacks the source of the offenders, breaking them down and eliminating them.  The toxins, be they bacteria, mold, mildew, chemicals, smoke, yes, even skunk smell, will be totally eliminated by the antimicrobial chlorine dioxide in the Room Shocker.



Chlorine Dioxide vapor is nontoxic, safe for children, pets, and plants, although you may not want to hang around for too long during the five hours it is active, as it may cause temporary allergy-like sniffles and watery eyes.   Chlorine dioxide has been used for several years in a liquid form in the food, farming, and water treatment industries throughout the world for safe decontamination and sanitation.  NosGUARD has been approved by the EPA  as a "control agent for odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew and chemical odors."

Each Room Shocker is effective for a 500 square foot indoor area. If this vaporized antibacterial product is as effective as its licensee, Biocide Systems, claims,.every household should have at least one or two available, 'just in case!'  But there are so many other environments that should make use of the Room Shockers; think about pet kennels, hotels and motels, hospitals and doctors offices, gymnasiums, locker rooms.... the list goes on and on!

UPDATE: This item may no longer be on the market. You can try this room shocker instead. 


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