Anti-Theft Device from the Stars

Soon after General Motors introduced OnStar it became one of the top reasons people purchased a GM vehicle. It offers many benefits that would pay for themself upon the first or second use. The newest addition the the OnStar package promises to be equally as useful.

The new program known as "Stolen Vehicle Slowdown," which is the latest enhancement to the previous OnStar vehicle theft program, helps law enforcement agencies recover stolen vehicles more quickly. It also provides a cushion of safety for the officers involved. The system uses a combination of cellular technology and GPS satellites to gradually limit the top speed of the vehicle to the point of being impossible to outrun a turtle.

Demonstration: Limited to 15 MPHDemonstration: Limited to 15 MPH

The most obvious benefit of the program is the increased chances of recovering you vehicle if it is ever stolen. Many law enforcement agencies have strict regulations on the top speed their officers are allowed to attain while in persuit of a fleeing criminal. This is for the safety of other motorists and the officers own safety as well.

The Stolen Vehicle Slowdown program will keep the vehicle from reaching speeds too high to allow pursuit. Which will also reduce the accidents and fatalities associated with high-speed chases.

Coverage MapCoverage Map

OnStar also stressed that there was no need to worry about activating the slowdown system on the wrong vehicle. They have put several safeguards in place to assure the proper car is targeted. The officer must have a clear line of sight and be able to positively ID the vehicle. They are also in charge of making the decision to allow the OnStar system to be implemented depending on how safe they feel the situation is.

OnStar CapabilitiesOnStar Capabilities

It is easy to see why so many people have made OnStar one of the top 3 choices for deciding to purchase a new GM vehicle. With a long list of products and services that continues to grow and almost 100% coverage in the US the new OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown program should have a positive impact on the automotive industry.

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