Anti-Theft Lunch Bags Fend Off Food Nabbers


Ah, the lunchroom thief.  Amazingly, every office seems to have at least one.  You think that stealing lunches is just something that happens in school, but then part or all of your lunch goes missing while you are hard at work.  It is so annoying when you have been sitting at your desk, stomach growling, just counting down the minutes until lunch and then you get to the fridge only to find that your food is gone.



The Anti-Theft Lunch Bag is made to protect your food from all of the lunch stealers of the world.  The bags are just like any other plastic sandwich bags, but with one important difference; they have moldy-looking green splotches on both sides of them.  Once you place your sandwich inside it takes on the splotchy green look too.  You can then go back to bringing your favorite tasty sandwiches rather than choosing ones that you think others will not find appealing.

Of course these could also be used on the traditional schoolyard lunch thief if your kid is having trouble with missing lunches.  What a simple and great idea!