Anti-Valentine Art: 10 That Will Break Your Heart

Sweet, hot, and mutually adoring love may be what everyone aspires to, but as far as art goes, the conventional wisdom is that it's the painful side of love that produces great art. That explains why Anti-Valentine art, now a category unto itself, is meaningful well beyond a single day of the year. Here are 10 of my favorite Anti-Valentine posters this year.


1. Anti-Valentine by Wicked Hailey

Wicked Hailey is a professional photographer from Austin Texas. She is an anti-valentine and so is her model, Kristine, aka Ms. Red.

"My husband and I do not do valentines," writes Ms. Hailey. "It is just another day for us... I act the same way as I always do. I do not need corporations telling me when to love someone."

Hailey specializes in portraiture, but her subjects represent "every woman." You can purchase prints and posters from her web site.



2. Anti-Valentine by Imogene Munday

An Australian artist from Sydney, 16 year-old Imogene calls herself "just your average teenage girl," with math worries and a part-time job, but her artistic portfolio... WOW! You can purchase Ms. Munday's work from her redbubble? page.


3. Anti-Valentine, Artist Unidentified

With apologies to the artist, I have not been able to identify the origination of this poster. I found it on MySpace on the page of a person identified only as Anti-Valentine's Day, but I want to share it with you anyway, as it's quite a good representation of anime.



4. Anti-Valentine by

If you couldn't fine an Anti-Valentine on, where would you find one? Cleverly, this print, available in calendar and poster, is not called "Anti-Valentine," but "Destiny." But, it'll do!



5. Anti-Valentine by Emo

As you can tell by this image, I dug up Anti-Valentine art wherever I could find it. This is Emo Background6 for MySpace . The sentiment is quite sympathetic compared to some of the other Anti-Valentines.


There is no shortage of Anti-Valentine events in February, parties for singles as well as Anti-Val couples who refuse to go "the corporation way." Search for an Anti-Valentine's Party in your area; there are open parties from Raleigh to Seattle, usually sponsored by restaurants or taverns, that have plenty of entertainment and games planned. Anti-Valentine cruises and bar-hopping tours are some of the other events you'll find. But, I digress....

Most of the following poster art is just that; art created for a poster that advertises an event. The artists may not be identified except by user-names, but if you connect to my linked sources, you may be able to find the artist or publisher and get one of these masterpieces for yourself.


6. Anti-Valentine, Artist Unidentified

Beginning the "countdown to Halloween," a bit early, it looks like New Yorkers are going to spend the better part of 2008 in costume! Actually this Anti-Val event will take place on February 17, 2008 at Element, 225 East Huston Street. This event will mark the 10th yearly Element Anti-Valentine's party in NYC. For information about the event and, of course, the poster, contact Sabertooth.



7. Anti-Valentine by Jenn Duong

This bleeding heart is whimsically nuzzled with nature's most loving animals and flowers. Ms. Duong is a resident of Vancouver Island going for her Master's degree in design. Her work is available on her web page under her company name, BW-INC.



8. Anti-Valentine by Bowbeforenone

No one depicts a darker side of love than Goth artists. I'm guessing that Bowbeforenone is the artist for The Saints of Pain, a "bone crunching metal" Goth group, as there are several similar posters on his page Bow's page is definitely worth a peek and can be purchased from there.


9. Anti-Valentine by Addam

Addam is a talented photographer, graphic artist, music producer, and DJ. Now residing in Northampton, MA, his posters and photographs have been shown at galleries in New York City and Boston; several can be seen on his website , which is well worth viewing.


10. Anti-Valentine by Scott Lanes

Content clashes with this very colorful, carefully layered poster by photographer Scott Lane. The poster looks innocent enough, but are the cupid angels lighting up logs or barbed wire in that heart?


Keeping you posted!

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Feb 8, 2008
by ricardo penachi de camargo (not verified)

But... whta's this?

Don't understand the concept 'Anti-Valentine' ...

Feb 8, 2008
by Boomer Babe

re" What's This?

Hi Ricardo...

Anti-Valentines are about the pain of love, which is more realistic than romantic love, portrayed by cute little hearts and pixie cupids.

People who are "Anti-Valentine" may have been hurt recently, or are single, or just believe that Valentine's Day is a day invented by retailers (and greeting card companies) to pick up February sales.

Thanks for commenting, Ricardo.

Anyone else want to add their thoughts on Anti-Valentines?

Feb 11, 2008
by Sarah O
Sarah O's picture

Bloody bunnies

with knives impaling their little bunny hearts with eyes ripped out -- who needs to boil them anymore?  This wraps up the anti-Valentine's day sentiment perfectly, I'd say.  Nice find.

Feb 12, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)


These are all pretty trashy compared to what is usually posted on this website.

The 16 year old artist looks like most of the art posted on DeviantArt, and I don't know what "anime" you've seen but the bad drawing with the heart in its hands is more like a bad American cartoon than anything even remotely related to Japanese "animation."

Feb 13, 2008
by Anonymous (not verified)


Just to agree about the anime...THAT is not good anime, and actually most of the anti-valentine"art" in this column is not really meant for that purpose. Band posters and goth art always use this type of imagery. Why don't you write about something you know something about. How is this related to invention?