"Anything for you..." The Sun in Advertising

I have this friend who has developed an unhealthy obsession with the planet, Jupiter.  He's terrified of it.  And justifiably so, I suppose, as it is a giant ball of storms that would swallow the Earth whole.

But I've never heard him say anything frightening about the Sun.  That makes sense, I guess.  For the most part, the Sun is our buddy, our pal, our light in the darkness-literally.  But he... um... It... is not to be mocked.

Aside from a few movies (I'm talkin' specifically to you Sunshine-which rocked, by the way-and also to you Knowing... which wasn't great, but didn't suck), the Sun is represented as a pretty happy fellow in visual media.

But it also has been worshipped as an almighty deity-and ad execs use this knowledge embedded in the human psyche to good use in their campaigns.

Sun Ad # 1: Kellogg's Cereals-It's Gonna Be a Great Day

This Sun must be powerful indeed, as it inspires fear in a giant tiger-so much so that the tiger doesn't eat the elephant, frog, toucan, or elves.  And this Sun even donates two scoops of raisins to his humbled worshippers.

That, my friends, is a pretty nice deity.

So much so, that some worshipers build artificial monuments to it and enjoy delicious citrus beverages while partying the night away:



Sun Ad # 2: Tropicana Brighter Mornings Arctic Sun

But, as we all know, too much of a good thing is... well, just plain bad:



Sun Ad # 3 & 4: Liga Contra el Cancer

Run like the wind, little Billy!  The Sun is pissed!Run like the wind, little Billy! The Sun is pissed!

I can't help but bring up the film Sunshine again.  The lighting pattern on these ads reminds me heavily of the stylized lighting used toward the end of the film when all hell was breaking loose.

The Sun can be a mean deity when it wants to.

But it's nice when someone has the foresight to warn us when enough is enough.  In keeping with the theme, I'll call these ad execs "prophets."



Sun Ad # 5: Swiss Cancer Foundation


These guys are made of Post-It notes printed with tips on sunbathing.

While I find this an interesting idea, I also find the notion of pulling flakes of "skin" off of a person to warn me of sun exposure to be rather disturbing...



Sun Ad # 6: The Clare Oliver Melanoma Fund

This "prophet" has the right idea-at least for me.  I live in Florida-home of 8000000000 degree days smothered in pouring rain while the Sun still shines...  and I burn easily.  This is a great ad-and one that people should heed.



Sun Ad # 7: Sundown Sunless Tanning Lotion

This is the deity's pacifier.  Look upon it and be tanned!!!!!

Even with all of the scariness of cancer, I prefer to look upon the Sun as a happy, nice guy.  And as such, I find the Jimmy Dean ads to be the best representation of a benign and caring giant ball of flaming gas.


Sun Ads # 8, 9, & 10: Jimmy Dean


"You're all awesome."

And I have to preface this next little ad by saying that it's my girlfriend's all time favorite-because she makes up random songs in the morning.

"Anything for you!!!!"

Now that's a Sun I would sit down and have a beer with-as long as I was coated in multiple layers of sunscreen and adorned with serious eyewear, of course...

SOURCE: Ads of the World

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