Anything/Whatever: It’s A Soda Surprise Every Time You Pop A Can!

We all have that indecisive friend who can just never seem to commit to a decision. How annoying is it when at a party, the wishy-washy person can't even voice their personal drink preference, leaving it up to you to decide what will quench their thirst?  Now, instead of shouting in frustration, "won't you just make up your mind!?!", Singapore company Anything takes the refreshment decision out of everyone's hands with their surprise yourself canned drinks.

Out of the Box Pte Ltd, a former niche media company is responsible for the Anything/Whatever brand of soft drinks. Clearly the founder and CEO of this business was also fed up with his friend's inabilities to make a decision, so he created two brands of drink beverage, Anything and Whatever, where there's no way of knowing which flavor of drink is contained in the can.

Consumers can choose between Anything, which is a mixed package of canned soda pop including more classic flavors like cola, cola with lemon, apple, fizz up, cloudy lemon and root beer; or Whatever, a non-carbonated line of canned drinks including ice lemon tea, peach tea, jasmine green tea, white grape tea, apple tea, and chrysanthemum tea. The catch is that when a guest asks for "anything" or "whatever", their host can bring them that brand of drink with the flavor itself remaining a pleasant (or unpleasant for picky drinkers) surprise!

For those who were blessed with the skills of decision making, Anything also carries a line of drinks which are distinguishable based on the color of their cans. Anything for the decisive is available in yellow (honey lemon), black (cola) and orange (orange soda).

Imagine, the number of partygoers spared, when they don't have to say it because their hosts ask "would you like Anything or Whatever?"

What will they come up with next?

Mar 10, 2009
by Anonymous

So where can i get ahold of

So where can i get ahold of this stuff?

Mar 16, 2009
by Anonymous


i want some noooooooow! its s surprise everytime you get a drink! its like christmas morning every time you open a can!!!! they better have some good flavors though cuz i dont wanna be super thursty and all of a sudden gargle down a bananna soda... lol

Mar 17, 2009
by Fashion Finds
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 I agree wholeheartedly!

 I agree wholeheartedly! The flavors do seem to be pretty good- Anything is classic soda flavors, and Whatever is flavored iced teas. I hope they will come to North America ASAP!

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