The App For Breast Cancer Survivors Who Want Ink

Everyone has scars. Maybe you fell off your bike as a child, you scraped your arm on the playground or you had surgery. Scars remind us of what we've done and what we've overcome. Breast cancer survivors know this fate all too well, with 50% of survivors left with some kind of scarring after their mastectomy. Where a woman once felt beautiful and feminine, breast cancer leaves a nasty mark. Inskpiration P. INK, an inspirational tattoo app, helps mastectomy patients overcome their self-consciousness by designing gorgeous chest tattoos.

Inkspiration AppInkspiration App

 P. Ink (Personal Ink) understands that scar-coverage tattoos can be healing for some cancer survivors, but maybe these survivors don't have much experience with ink. Inkspiration allows users to virtually try on tattoos chosen from a library of thousands of designs. Survivors can design their own tattoos, as well. The app lets you choose a body type, or you can upload a photo of yourself. Then, survivors can try tattoo after tattoo until they find one they love. 

 Once a tattoo is chosen, Inkspiration can connect you to tattoo artists in the area with mastectomy experience. Not only will you be walking into the tattoo parlor with a design you love, you know you'll get inked by someone with scar-coverage expertise. 


 Inkspiration is free to download and helps women rediscover their strength and beauty post-cancer. There's really no downside to this app. Anything that helps women feel beautiful deserves an A+. If you know someone struggling with their self-esteem after a mastectomy, encourage them to download Inkspiration. A little bit of ink can go a long way in helping women regain their confidence after defeating breast cancer. 

 You can download the app on iTunes.

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