App Store Makes Vanity URLs for Developers

Star Trek AppStar Trek App

It is safe to bet that, at least once, you have thought about who made the app you are using. That person is an app developer, and sometimes tracking them down can be the best way to find apps that you want. After all if a certain developer made one game that you like, or one tool that you find useful then the odds are pretty good that they have made a second one.

Finding developers on the iTunes store can be a bit tricky, or at least it used to be. The app store recently came out with special vanity URLs for developers, according to reports that were first put out by CNET. For now the folks over at Apple are staying relatively quiet about the change, they have not even put out a press release, but an example of the new URLs can be found on places such as, which was recently featured on a Super Bowl commercial.

Image Source:  StarTrek App