Apparel For Cult Movie Fans: Create Your Own Hat Based On A Fictional Brand

Replica fashions based on clothing seen in movies have been sold in stores all over the world. Now, a new DIY fashion business, Lucky Seven, allows cult movie and TV show fans to create their own caps based on the fictional brands made famous by film.

Every cap ordered from Lucky Seven is unique, since the only option is to have consumers design their own made to order caps. When designing your own fictional brand hat, you get to choose the color of the trucker hat, the color of the captain's laurels which sit on the brim of the hat, and a patch which boasts the logo of the fictional brand.

The DIY aspect of this design your own hat fashion site is simple in concept, but it's not the customization of the hat that makes this fashion site unique, it's the option to customize a cap based on a fictional brand from the movies or TV. You don't have to hunt through gimmicky shops across the nation any longer to find a cap that suits your style, and includes the logo of Ewing Oil, featured in Dallas; or The Tyrell Corporation as seen in Blade Runner.

These hats are proven trendsetters in fashion, featured in Vogue after being seen on the likes of Madonna who seems to favor the Star Wars, Galactica, Moonraker and Alien designs.

Geeky fashion? Fashion forward? Been there, done that? You decide if Lucky Seven is fantastic fashion or a fashion flop.

Via: Vogue