Apparel-Related Entertainment System: Great Idea?

If you are ambivalent about most things, you can sigh a breath of relief because you no longer have to worry about indecision. You can embrace the realm of the wishy-washy as a way of life with Patent# US 6782554 the Apparel-Related Entertainment System. Your mantra could be: “don’t change the shirt; change the slogan,” and you can wear it proudly (until you decide to pick another mantra and use that one instead)!


he Apparel-Related Entertainment System really does have its clever points. While we all know about losing our shirts and what that means, how many different shirts can people afford? With this invention, there is only one shirt, which saves on efforts in the cotton mills, hangars, and closet space, not to mention stretching the amount of green in your wallet. This way, you have four shirts in one and none of them can make up their mind independently. They all need you to tell them what to do!

One observer compared the Apparel-Related Entertainment System to going to the movies. The main attraction is the wearer of the shirt because absolutely nothing else is playing!

The invention is comprised of an article of clothing with pre-printing upon it. It is a sentence segment, which includes a noun, a verb, a preposition and underneath, a strip of hook-and-pile material. The system also comes with a packet of all the letters of the alphabet, each provided on surfaces having a backing of a hook-and-pile material and each of the surfaces proportioned for press-fittable placement upon and within the strip on the article of clothing.

Why not try something new? The Apparel-Related Entertainment System may get you out of that rut that heretofore appeared to have but one groove. Consider too Steve Levenstein’s amusing piece, “Quell the Smell with Deodorant Clothing” and Toby’s cool post, “Don't Keep Your Favorite Clothes Closeted: Use Them As Lampshades!”

As far as the Apparel-Related Entertainment System goes, it seems cool and clever enough, but I will make up my mind about it tomorrow. (Maybe.)