Apple Pay & Apple Watch, Digital Symbiotics At Work

Remember that old Chicago musical refrain: “Does anyone really know what time it is . . . does anyone really care?” Probably more so, now that Apple Watch and Apple Pay are here and are about to change how we make merchant transactions. How much easier could life be now that your Apple Watch can also pay for your purchases.

No longer need we reach for our wallets, or the wasted moments of having to rifle through our inventory of credit/debit cards. Even our previous ease of accessing our iPhones is no longer required once you’ve loaded your new wrist gear with Apple Pay.

Loaded for Bear . . .

Loaded with your credit and debit cards, your entire purchase process has been reduced from minutes to seconds. And the set-up process is almost as quick. Just load the ‘Apple Pay’ app to your iPhone and choose the “Passbook & Apple Pay” option. From there, you can capture as many cards as you want to load -- either manually or via camera.

One caveat however -- if you've already installed Apple Pay on your iPhone6 or 6Plus, you’ll need to add your cards again to your Apple Watch, since the device has its own 'Secure Element' to store the data needed to create single-use tokens. These tokens are what secures your personal data. Your actual credit or debit card information isn’t stored on the watch or your iPhone, but instead in these encrypted tokens.

Also, it's important to note that each card has a different step-by-step set-up procedure for verifying cards, similarly to what you've alreadey experiencing previously in verifying with banks and merchants in the past.

Watch, Point, Smooch . . .

Once you’ve loaded your Watch, at time of purchase, all you have to do is hold your watch face-down to the ‘payment terminal’ until you hear a beep and/or feel a vibration (think of it as ‘kissing your money good-bye.’)

Dependent on the debit/credit card, the merchant and the total value of your purchase, you might need to enter your PIN or provide a signature to complete the transaction (as you’ve done countless other times in the past.)

MacWorld’s executive editor Susie Ochs offers some additional advice: “And don’t forget the best part of Apple Pay on the Apple Watch: You don’t need the iPhone present to use it. You could leave your phone at home, go for a run using the Workout app on your watch, and then stop at Whole Foods for a smoothie on your way home.”

Apple Pay Guide

For a guide on retailers and banks that support Apple Pay, MacWorld’s “The ultimate guide to how and where to use Apple Pay” is a great resource. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Target, Walgreens, Panera Bread, McDonalds, Chase and others are updated regularly.

Paying with just a flick of the wrist sounded so futuristic yesterday. Today? It’s another story. Who knew that without Steve Jobs, Apple could continue to innovate.

It’s a testimony to his legacy, and will forever change the way we think about our timepieces again . . . yup,while our Apple Watches might be able to tell us what time it is, with so many other bells and whistles, are we really going to care?