Is Apple Building An Area 51 Or Moving Its Cloud To A Data Center?

Much speculation has been brewing as to what Apple could possibly be housing in 500,000 square feet of space in Maiden, NC currently being built to the tune of $1 billion dollars. Could this mega 'bad-assed' data center be a key component to Apple's cloud computing strategy, as many have speculated?  As secretive as Steve Jobs is about all-things-Apple, some have compared this massive real-estate deal to Area 51, the secretive military airfield in Nevada that's had a long-time association with UFO conspiracy theories.

This aerial footage shot from a helicopter and posted to YouTube by RE/MAX exec Bill Wagenseller is basically a fly-over but will provide you with bird's eye view of the expanse of this center.

According to Data Center Knowlege, the center is expected to be dedicated to the back-end of Apple's cloud computing operation. It is also thought to be the new epicenter for iTunes to shift its libraries from user desktops to online storage.

The major controversy that looms on the horizon if and when Apple makes this momentous decision is the fear many of us still have regarding cloud computing. A centrally hosted iTunes center would create the potential for the Mother of All Downtime Catastrophes - a data center outage that could leave the world’s iTunes users unable to access their music. Could you imagine? I would consider losing one's musical library a greater horror than discovering alien life forms on the planet.

Apple's Area 51 could very well be ONE scary place!