Apple Gets Presidential: Obama Signs The First iPad Into History

While iPads still don't support Adobe Flash - another Adobe product- the "Ideas App" appears to have received a presidential promotional push on October 21, when President signed the first iPad ever. Sylvester Cann IV came up with the idea to use the Idea App in such a fashion, and scored some major geeky street cred as a result.

Recently the Adobe Illustrator team launched the free iPad and iPhone application which allows creative types to leverage the device as far as the imagination will take one.  Here, David Macy, senior product manager for Illustrator explains how to use the app's cool new features.

Yes, I Cann!

On his micro Web site, Cann says, "I figured, 'why not ask the question?' "

The rest of his homepage is devoted to the actual signature and a video of the signing.

Obama's signature on iPadObama's signature on iPad

In a TechCrunch report from Robin Wauters, Cann was interviewed and recounted the historic event as follows:

Ironically Obama met with chief executive Steve Jobs in San Francisco on the same day, to discuss education and technology's role in the economy. But you can be sure, that before he engaged on those topics, he most likely gave Cann kudos and discussed the role iPad played in history, earlier in the day.

Bare in mind, back in May, in a much publicized story, Obama was not so complimentary about the iPad and other similar technology. At the Hampton University's commencement ceremony in Virginia, he was quoted saying, ""With iPods, iPads, Xboxes and PlayStations, -- none of which I know how to work -- information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation." For more on the story, see my previous post, "Obama's Social Media Savvy Draws Line At iPads?"

There is a fine line between its usefulness and its potential pernicious side effects. What Obama was conveying at the time was not new. The same has been said about the computer and the Internet when they both first arrived on the scene. While they became the greatest resource for learning and research, when used willfully they also became a tool for the idle, the irresponsible, the salacious and sometime a means to prey on others. The iPad has the same capability if ever used for those purposes.

Perhaps signing of the first iPad into history has softened Obama's position on the 21st Century's new gadgetry. After all, he just endorsed one with his presidential seal of approval!