Apple iBooks By The Numbers, Almost 25 Percent Marketshare

Today at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Steve Jobs' keynote address offered up some impressive stats regarding his iBooks e-book and iPad reader marketplace.

Steve JobsSteve JobsAccording to the leader-of-all-things-Apple, Jobs says users have downloaded more than 5 million books in the just over 2 months - which roughly works out to 2.5 downloads out of the 2 million iPads sold to date.

Five of the the six largest publishers have reported the app's share of their electronic sales to be about 22 percent of the market - an impressive stat when you consider iPads and the iBook Store have only been open for business for 65 days.

Jobs also noted new features offered by iBooks which includes the ability to highlight text, add bookmarks, make notations and cross-references all these annotations back to the table of contents.

The updated iBooks will also support documents in PDF format which can be accessed through a separate 'bookshelf' in the app's menu.

Currently, iBooks is available free from the App Store but requires an iPad running iPhone OS 3.2 or higher. All the updates outlined by Jobs at the conference will available in late June.

Jobs also revealed Monday that iBooks will come to the iPhone with the release of the next major iPhone operating system, which Apple has renamed iOS 4. The iPhone version of the app will feature the same controls, highlighting, bookmarking, and notes features as the iPad release. It will also include PDF support, allowing users to save PDFs from Mail onto their iBooks shelf.

iPhone users will also have access to the iBookstore to buy e-books for the app. Jobs said that users will be able to download the same book to their different Apple mobile devices at no extra charge.

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