Apple Introduces iOS 7

 iOS 7iOS 7


Today was the start of WWDC, the Apple developers conference, and in its keynote the company announced various new products including iOS 7, the most revolutionary version of iOS since the introduction of the iPhone, according to Apple.

This version has several new features, but the most obvious one is the completely redesigned interface. In the face of constant Android competition, with phones being introduced with very different user interfaces, many people seemed to be feeling that iOS was starting to become stale. Apple hopes to keep the interest of users high by completely changing the look. Everything on iOS 7 looks much more flat, and much more colorful. They introduced a completely new and expanded color palette, and all base apps are using the new design.

But a revamped interface is only the start of what's new with iOS 7. They also introduced improved apps like Camera which now has several photo taking modes and integrated filters, Photos which allow you to see your pictures categorized by location and event, along with Safari which has a new tab interface and a more full screen UI. They also added some new features, like iOS in the car with partnerships with several automakers to build iOS powered displays right inside of cars, along with iTunes Radio, a free ad-supported feature that allow you to build music stations based on your tastes.

The beta version for iPhone is available now to developers, and the final release will come out this fall