Apple iPad Goes Steampunk With The USB Typewriter

The USB Typewriter - The USBTypewriter™ if we use the official, trademarked name - is "a groundbreaking advancement in the field of obsolescence" according to its inventor and marketer, Jack Zylkin of Hive76 in Philadelphia.

The point of this clever mod is to retain the look & feel of classic typewriters of the pre-computer age while at the same time, exploiting the many wonders of the Apple iPad, and, in fact, any of today's USB-compatible computers. With that said, however, the mod has the most appealing visual impact when used with the popular iPad. Check out a short video on The USBTypewriter™ that shows it in action, working as a Typewriter Dock™ for an Apple iPad:

The USBTypewriter™ is said to be easy to install and assemble as its main component is a USB adapter that mounts in back of your typewriter. No complicated and obtrusive wiring to worry about, no messy soldering, drilling or other "invasive" procedures that nobody wants to get involved with - your typewriter and iPad will look none the worse for wear when used independently. 

Zylkin offers interested USB typists several options beyond buying the kit for $75 at his online Etsy shop. If you don't have a retro typewriter available to match up with the kit and your computer, Zylkin offers a few pre-assembled combos though expect to pay significantly more for the convenience factor.

You can also arrange to send your classic typewriter to Zylkin and let him handle the assembly. Whatever method you use, the concept is a cool one and buyers will likely find The USBTypewriter™ is  just their, er, type. (via DVice