Is Apple Working On An iWatch?

 iWatch concept by Italian design studio ADRiWatch concept by Italian design studio ADR

Is Apple working on the iWatch? Almost a year ago the Wall Street Journal had such a report, and now this week, the New York Times once again claims the same thing. The idea would be to have a wrist watch, something that can be worn on your arm and thus be easy to access, and also run the iOS software which means you could access apps, get the weather, email, even read books if you wanted. Of course, because of the small screen, the usability would be questionable, but for people who still use watches it could mean a huge increase in power for what they have access to when using their watch.

The basis of these speculations comes from two insider sources, as the Times puts it. These sources are of course completely anonymous and provide few if any details. The rest is all conjectures and guesses based on previous reports which of course did not come to fruition since there still is no Apple made watch on the market. This hasn't stopped other companies from doing so however, but so far we've seen no success among customers. Whether or not Apple is really experimenting with watches is hard to say, and chances are the company is trying many different ideas, but that does not mean it will become a product.

The main problem with watches is the way the tech market is going. People are using watches less and less. We have become used to pulling out our smartphones to get the time, or do almost anything else. Bringing a phone out is not that hard or time consuming, and the huge amounts of problems that would be involved with moving iOS to a watch, like a lower battery life and a much harder to use interface, would likely not be worth it. Also, many people are starting to find the iPhone screen small and want a larger smartphone, so moving to a small watch sized screen seems unlikely.

I guess we will all have to wait and see.

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Feb 12, 2013
by Anonymous

Although it isn't

Although it isn't technically an I watch, the iPod Nano Touch has watch band accessories. Basically, this is already a consumer product for adolescents.

Feb 12, 2013
by Michelle
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I think you mean the Chum?

I think you mean the Chum? We cover the item here.