Apple's HealthKit On IOS8: Your Health And Fitness Apps In One Place

HealthKit is set to be released in a few hours with the release of iOS8, a fierce attempt by Apple to take their place as the leader of health tracking technologies. It's a brand new framework that centralizes the data storage of personal health information, to make a developers apps more engaging and personal for users.

HealthKit PreviewHealthKit Preview

It sounds to me like Apple wants all the valuable health tracking data for themselves, and what an ingenious way to harvest it. Hundreds of developers have been collecting health information from iPhone/iPad users, and every day more health tracking apps make their way onto the app store. Now with HealthKit, Apple will have access to all of this information. 

They are working with medical device companies like DexCom for example, who make a sensor that is positioned under the skin of the abdomen to measure blood glucose levels. They want their iPhone & iPad app to incorporate the new HealthKit tools found in Apple's iOS 8 mobile operating system. 

But even without a separate fitness device, Apple's iPhone 5S M7 co-processor calculates steps and distance traveled, and iPhone 6 may make room for new barometer and air pressure sensors, according to the latest beta. 

Apple might also release a HealthKit Certificate, forcing developers to abide by strict standards to store and access data, to maintain patient confidentiality and skirt any possible privacy issues.

They also launched clinical trials with none other than Duke and Stanford University, to encourage doctors at major institutions to ask their patients with cancer and heart disease to track their health statistics like blood pressure on the HealthKit app instead of pen and paper.

Apple are starting a health tracking war with this new release of iOS8, hoping to win the hearts of developers, physicians, tracking device manufacturers, and users. It will be interesting to see how Google with Google Fit responds.